The President of the Autonomous Catalan Government points out Comexi Group "family type, export-oriented and innovative nature" during his visit to its premises (n132/2013)

The President of the Autonomous Catalan Government points out Comexi Group "family type, export-oriented and innovative nature" during his visit to its premises (n132/2013)

Artur Mas opens a new factory, MasJoals Mechatronic Unit, and the technology centre ‘Manel Xifra Boada’

Girona (Spain), 23nd of July 2013.- The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, opened last Monday, 22nd of July 2013, the MasJoals Mechatronic Unit and the Technology Centre ‘Manel Xifra Boada’ (CTec) from Comexi Group accompanied by a large number of clients, personalities and company workers. Artur Mas pointed out Comexi’s Group “family type, export-oriented an innovative nature”. With the opening of this two centres, Comexi Group goes one step forward in its strong commitment to consolidating itself as a worldwide referent in the flexible packaging industry.

Artur Mas arrived to the premises of MasJoals Mechatronic Unit at 11.30 am to visit the plant accompanied by the Catalan Minister of Agriculture, Josep Maria Pelegrí; the Comexi Group Chairman, Manel Xifra; the Mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont, and the Mayor of Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain), Montserrat Roura. The President of the Catalan Government unveiled the commemorative plaque.

Once the first part of the event concluded, Artur Mas went to Comexi Group central plant to go round the foundry, mechanisation and assembly facilities before visiting the Technology Centre Manel Xifra Boada. To end the event, the President of the Catalan Government unveiled a plaque and gave a speech addressed to the attendants in which he highlighted the family character of Comexi Group and gave it as an example of an exporter and innovative company, also “with a global mentality”.

The President of the Catalan Government defined Comexi Group as a company with strong track records, “with a clear aim, a clear lead, that knows where is going, knows how to go and knows the way to do it best”. “People knows that Catalonia”, added Mas, “has future if its industry has future. And people know that the future of industry needs to have this mentality, as Mr. Xifra has said: the mindset of a player in the world”.

For his part, Manel Xifra, Comexi Group Chairman, stressed the importance that the industry sector has for Catalonia and the key role that the new Technology Centre Manel Xifra Boada could develop in this sense. “Only two countries in the world, plus Catalonia, have the capacity to create such a centre. We have to achieve this centre becoming an asset at country level, weaving a technological framework with research institutes, universities, training centres, and seizing this opportunity to turn Catalonia into a leader in packaging technologies”.

Manel Xifra explained the reasons why the CTec bears the name of Manel Xifra Boada: “He was a charismatic businessman, who knew how to motivate and thrill his business partners, and to build a real sense of belonging to a community, the community of the flexible packaging. He also knew the importance of working jointly to increase the sector’s technological level”.

“Comexi Group”, emphasized Manel Xifra, “is part of a numerous, but not enough, group of companies in Catalonia that are already real global players and have a good international position. We are already on the selective world map of the business sector, struggling to support ourselves and placing Catalonia on the industrial world”.

Mas Joals Mechatronic Unit

The new Comexi Group plant is been designed for the assembly of printing flexible packages machinery. The production of these standardized equipments will allow the company to provide a more efficient, effective and profitable service to the customer. The 1.350m²’s plant has the capacity to produce 100 printing units per year. The commissioning and operation of MasJoals Mechatronic Unit has meant the creation of 12 new jobs, a figure that could go up to 50.

The CTec, a new space for training and innovation

On the other hand, the Technology Centre Manel Xifra Boada is an independent body from Comexi Group, in which 7 million€ have been invested. The CTec has been born with the aim of becoming a benchmark in the sector as a driver of knowledge, targeting companies with potential to create change, suppliers and brand owners. Therefore, its four main areas of activity are: training and academic activities, consultancy, innovation and the development of an industrial laboratory.

This Demo Centre takes up an area of 2.200m², which includes its own machinery fleet, is very useful for making personalised demonstrations for all customers and to collaborate with suppliers and brand owners.

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