The role of color in packaging

It is known that packaging color has a notable effect on consumers and can turn them on to your product or chase them away. As Explorer Research says, when it comes to packaging, color is one of the most important components for attracting shoppers.  

Several researches, as Signet Branding ones, suggest that the consumer only has 7 seconds to make a good first impression. That’s not a lot of time; so using subconscious can help to convey a message quickly. Moreover, the way consumers perceive the subjective entity of produces they want to purchase, as represented through graphics, color, design, and communication elements in the package, exercise an impact on their choice and is regarded as a key to succeed in product marketing strategies.  

The use of color can be more powerful than people think. According to Empowered By Color, the colors chosen by the brand should send the right subliminal messages to inspire any potential customer to buy your product. 

As Packaging Digest says, colors in product labels and packaging play a huge role in the consumer’s purchasing decisions. Studies show that almost 85% of shoppers say color is the primary reason they have purchased a certain product. Besides, 80% of shoppers say color increased brand recognition. 

Moreover, according to an article by Packaging Strategies, visual memory is much stronger than audio memory so, when designing your package, make sure it is easy on the eyes, attractive and connect with your potential consumer and, as said, color can help achieve this objective. 



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