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The perfect press for your market needs

The Comexi F2MB flexographic press has been designed to satisfy the print needs of medium runs in the flexible packaging sector for the retail and wholesale channel.

The Comexi F2MB shares the patented FLEXOEfficiency concepts of ergonomics and accessibility, as well as the performance and robustness of the rest of the F2 range. All combined with a simplified drying system design.

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Technical characteristics
Type Gearless
Colours 8
Print width (mm- in) 870 / 1070 / 1270
34.2 / 42.1 / 50
Minimum repeat (mm - in) 300 / 330 / 350
11.8 / 12.9 / 13.7
Maximum repeat (mm - in) 800
Maximum speed (m/min - ft/min) 400
Dimensions (m - ft) 15.70x5.51x5.45 (standard machine 1270 mm wide)
51.5x18.0x17.8 (standard machine 50 in wide)
The technical characteristics are likely to change according to the chosen setup.

Main benefits for you

ERGONOMICS for a faster job change
ERGONOMICS for a faster job change

More SKU’s diversity and reduced job lengths are punishing the machine OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), therefore we need to look for fast change-over machines with the highest ergonomics possible.

The F2MB has 8 decks located around a central drum of 1.5m that allow for a small overall machine height, where you only need a two steps ladder when you want to change sleeves in decks 1 or 8, while all other operations are made at floor level. 

The plate cylinder and anilox sleeve change-over takes a couple of minutes. The covers are opened manually, in a quick and simple manner.

Ergonomics has also been applied to the Doctor blade, with the GeniusDoctoring solutions for the PIPELESS and magnetic doctor chamber.

GeniusDoctoring solution of the PIPELESS doctor blade in two parts that allow to make a full change of the doctor blade chamber (no more cleaning and changing blades onto the machine with machine stopped) in less than 1 minute without disassembling any pipe, and with a chamber weighting just 12Kg!

And once you have changed the entire doctor blade and you have the machine printing again, then you can clean and change the seals and blades without the need of any tool thanks to our patented magnetic fixation of blades.

High quality Pressure and Register Set Up
High quality Pressure and Register Set Up

Automatic Set up systems to have the best quality job adjustment

More SKU’s diversity, reduced job lengths and lack of skilled operators lead to the need to make machines with a high level of automation that permit to make the job changeovers faster and adjust the next job with the highest possible quality and without the need of an expert printer. 

In this scenario, we have a full range of GeniusTech solutions to improve the quality of the job set up while reducing the time and waste, and more important, without being dependent on the skill of the operators.

All our pressure and register set up systems are automatic, based in the real impression (not based in theoretical calculations but based on real printing) and enhanced with the use of data through Industry 4.0 solutions to have the best quality (minimum overpressure) and minimum waste.

GeniusSet is our automatic impression system for minimal waste

  • Pressure adjustment based on detecting the kiss point between substrate/plate/anilox by means of the torque of the motors
  • Average waste around 70m depending on the repeat and machine model

As GeniusSet is only for pressure adjustment, it is perfectly complemented with the GeniusReg to make the register adjustment

GeniusReg is our register system where the operator locates manually a characteristic area of every color at the same place (drag&drop) on the video touch screen

  • It does not need any specific mark, but specific marks (dots, microdots, register cross,) can also be used.
  • Average waste around 30m as once the characteristic area has been selected and zoomed the process can be finished with the machine stopped.

As GeniusReg is only for register adjustment, it is perfectly complemented with the GeniusSet to make the pressure adjustment

GeniusDot is our automatic impression and register system for optimal combination of waste & quality

  • Pressure and register adjustment based on a 1.5mm dot that appear at the end as a black dot
  • Average waste around 120m depending on repeat and machine model

As the GeniusDot is using the matrix camera from AVT, when having it we can easily upgrade (just software) to add the statistic inspection and quality assurance of the printing results

Inking control
Inking control

GeniusFlow, excellence with the most efficient inking system

GeniusFlow is the system that manages the ink supply to the print, and cleans the ink chamber, the anilox, ink tanks and connection hoses in the circuit. This is a compact inking and cleaning system focused in minimizing the solvent consumption while enhancing the cleaning results. It is composed by:

  • Only one asymmetric pump (Pneumatic) or two electric pumps (electric)
  • Reduced lengths of the pipes
  • Pressurized pulse dampener
  • Integrated Vibration viscosimeters (in-line)

The exclusive Asymmetric Pneumatic Pump allows for both pumping ink to and sucking ink from the doctor blade, and is controlled via PLC in order to be possible to adapt the flow rate to the specific working of the machine, so helping to save compressed air and increasing the life of the membranes.

GeniusFlow is built into the actual machine frame. Its ergonomic arrangement provides for easy operator access and facilitates the maintenance tasks for all elements.

There are different versions of the GeniusFlow, and multiple options to adapt to any specific need:

  • Stainless Steel execution for Water based inks or EB inks
  • Ink cooling or heating with or without external chiller integration
  • Clean and dirty solvent tanks that can be connected to an external distillatory
  • Ink viscosity and/or temperature adjustment without need to have neither the anilox nor the chamber installed.


  • Pneumatic Inking system that features both the inking for printing as well as the cleaning of the system itself, the ink hoses, doctor blades and anilox sleeves.  
  • The system is based on having an asymmetric pneumatic ink pump for each deck that enables both the ink supply and the ink return to the ink bucket and a manual valve with two positions (fill/empty) that allows reversing the circulation in the circuit to remove the ink from the chambers back to the ink buckets. 
  • System is valid either for Solvent or Water Based Inks

GeniusFlow Prime

  • Pneumatic Inking system that features both the inking for printing as well as the cleaning of the system itself, the ink hoses, doctor blades and anilox sleeves. 
  • The system is based on having an asymmetric pneumatic ink pump for each deck that enables both the ink supply and the ink return to the ink bucket and pneumatic valves that allow reversing the circulation in the circuit to remove the ink from the chambers back to the ink buckets.
  • System is operated from 2 touch panels located in the CI covers, in the vicinity of the pumps and the decks, with visual control of both.
  • From the touch panels it can be set and controlled any parameter of the inking system, not just pumping, but also viscosities, temperatures, maintenance control (life time of the membranes), …
  • There are 3 pre-set cleaning programs to optimize the time and waste for cleaning depending on the color change needs.
  • It can be connected to 2 tanks of 400l each (optional), one for clean solvent and one for dirty solvent.
  • System as std is valid only for Solvent Based Inks, there is the option for Water Based inks as well
Printing quality

The highest printing quality requires to have a robust & stable machine with the latest developments in materials and software tools. With GeniusTech we have a full range of mechatronic approaches to the main flexo challenges related to printing quality which we can state as:

  • Minimum and stable dot gain
  • No bouncing effects
  • Perfect intercolor registration.

GeniusRun is the mechatronic combination of the high robust machine together with an intelligent software that “understands” printing and adapts the response of the motors to the printing conditions. 

GeniusDrive is our patented technology of the Virtual Master together with its exclusive and also patented Direct Encoder (Encoder directly fitted on the shaft instead than rear the motor) that allows us to offer the highest longitudinal register tolerance of the market, with a value as good as ±25µ

GeniusDoctoring allows for the minimum pressure between the blades and the anilox that will give you the minimum and more stable dot gain.

  • A solid and robust bar with a flat surface where the doctor blade stands
  • 3D-verified doctor blades with the highest precision
  • Forward-backward movement over linear guides with Low friction pistons to keep doctor blade in place but with the minimum pressure, so allowing the doctor blade to move together with the Anilox as they were only one piece
Drying system

The drying equipment is made up of two circuits, one for intercolor drying and the other for the final tunnel, with a common exhaust. It is blowing hot air at high speed to completely evaporate the diluents (solvent or water) contained in the ink and to guarantee no residual diluent in the final product.

The first circuit has 7 intercolor drying boxes easy to rotate for maintenance, with an inspection door at the exhaust part of the drying box to be possible to clean from any particle sucked from the material.

The second circuit corresponds to the drying tunnel, which in this machine is 4.5 m long and with fourteen nozzles and accessible from bottom for cleaning. It includes a belt to facilitate the web threading.

Ergonomics for Maintenance

Following the ergonomic design, there is a big upper platform over the CI where all electronics, fans, heat source, etc. are located with easy and convenient accessibility for any maintenance requirement.  This avoids any maintenance work at a height using a ladder, so it is complying to the most demanding safety standards.

Together with the upper platform, you will find several details that highlight this machine as the best solution in terms of maintenance: its easy handling and doctor blade access, filter change, greasing points, decentralized electronic panel, and others.

Industry 4.0, Data and HMI
Industry 4.0, Data and HMI

GeniusTouch is the new HMI with intuitive and easy to use touch screens from where you can carry out any machine operation, and where you will find all data and the connection to Comexi Cloud. There machine has different touch screens, you can find the main one on the operator’s desk, but there are also in the Unwinder and Rewinder, and in the inking system.

GeniusTouch is the interface, but when we want to manage any data of the machine (either if it is a data related to a job or if it is a data related to the use of sleeves, blades, inks, or whatever you can may require), then we go through our GeniusData which is a powerful SQL database where everything is stored.

Functionalities of GeniusData are among others:

    • Data base of all Printing and Anilox Sleeves
    • Data base of all parameters of current job, and also historical data of all jobs
    • Production control for current job and historical data of all jobs
    • Within the production control it determines the status of the machine (job change – adjustment – production) automatically.
    • Possibility to have a detailed report of the current job or between dates report of production (only as a pdf file)
    • Connectivity to Comexi Cloud to extract the values and connect to customers ERP systems

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Product family
Type Gearless Gearless Gearless
Colours 8 8 10 / 8
Print width (in) 34.2 / 42.1 / 50 26.3 / 34.2 34.2 / 42.1 / 50
Maximum repeat (in) 31.5 23.6 31.5
Speed (ft/min) 1312.3 1150 1312.3

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