Comexi shows its Comexi L20000 laminating machine in HP Spain's Graphic Arts Experience Center

Comexi shows its Comexi L20000 laminating machine in HP Spain's Graphic Arts Experience Center

Girona, 14th April 2016.-Comexi, specialist in solutions of machines to the flexible packaging conversion industry, shows its L20000 laminating machine in HP Spain’s Graphic Arts Experience Center in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona). The new Comexi’s laminator water­based is specially designed to complement the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press.

“Our goal is to show in situ how HP and Comexi’s technologies complement each other and offer new solutions for the flexible packaging conversion process”, stated Albert Chicote, Brand Manager of Lamination at Comexi. He added that “making the most off the proximity between our location and that of HP Spain, we have installed our laminating machine so that the clients how visit the Graphic Arts Experience at HP have the opportunity to see how they can complement flexible packaging finishing process with our technology”.

Comexi’s new laminating machine water-based is the result of a strategic agreement with HP Índigo and Comexi in order to respond the new request from flexible packaging field. The need to reduce the products’ life cycle, along with the boom in personalized and mass customized packaging have caused an increase in demand of faster delivery time. In this sense, Comexi L20000 makes possible to deliver a complete package in less than 24 hours, thanks to the fast curing of the water-based adhesives, combined with the intuitive machine set-up and minimized downtimes.

In terms of profitability, the water-based laminating machine developed by Comexi minimise material waste during the set-up, essential for very short runs, and this means a saving on costs and a reduction in the environment impact. And if we talk about productivity, the quick changeover and the simple operation of the laminating machine allows a greater number of jobs per shift. Neither must we forget the easy switch between the two functions of the Comexi L20000 machine: laminating and coating.

In addition, the laminating water-based machine respects the environment by using water­based adhesives, energetic efficiency and less acoustic impact. The coating device has also an automatic cleaning system that allows full wash-out and adhesive re-filling.

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