Epema Has Chosen Comexi Technology in Order to Offer Better Quality and Productivity to Its Customers

Epema Has Chosen Comexi Technology in Order to Offer Better Quality and Productivity to Its Customers

The Brazilian company acquired a Comexi F3 flexographic press that has already been installed at its factory in Araraquara (São Paulo)

Comexi, the global supplier of solutions for the printing and flexible packaging industry transformation, and Empresa Paulista de Embalagens (Epema), a Brazilian company specializing in flexible packaging, have strengthened their relationship after the acquisition of a Comexi F3 flexographic press, which has been installed at the Brazilian company’s factory in Araquara (São Paulo). This is the second commercial agreement between the two companies: Epema previously purchased a Comexi laminator.

André Pérez, the Comexi sales manager in Brazil, stresses that there are two reasons why this operation is very important for Comexi: “The state of São Paulo has the country's largest economic concentration, making Comexi strategically well represented in regard to market share. More importantly, we are able to do this side by side with Epema, a company of reference within São Paulo.”

Epema, founded in 1987, is dedicated to the manufacture of coextruded films, civil construction sectors, and industrial and valved bags for food, hygiene, and chemical products, among others. Rogério Mani, owner of the company since 2007, explains that it has opted for Comexi's technology because “we were strangled in our production of printed products. From this point forward, due to the Comexi F3, we can focus primarily on serving our clients and we be able to offer them better quality, productivity and agility.”

Mani, who has 40 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, acquired Epema 13 years ago and introduced important changes, such as the purchase of more modern machines. Presently, the company produces 18,000 tons of quality products per year. “I decided to purchase the Comexi F3 flexo press for various reasons. Firstly, I have bought technology, not only a machine. Today we make strategic decisions in regard to who will be by our side to help us grow. It is for this reason that we have chosen Comexi, as its technical solutions will assist us in what we propose," says Rogério Mani, who commends Comexi commercial agent Waldir Lima, during the process of negotiations, “for his professional way of dealing with the business and his convincing explanations.” Furthermore, Mani applauds Comexi sales manager André Pérez, “who has given us a lot of security and confidence.”

The Comexi F3 flexographic printing press has been designed to satisfy the printing needs of the whole package and flexible packaging sector. It has a printing width of 1270 mm, capacity of 8 colors, and printing developments of up to 800 mm. It includes state-of-the-art electronic systems for high quality printing on different substrates, from plastic film to paper or laminating materials. As this technology has been designed with regard to comfort and maintenance, it has easy doctor blade access, and offers uncomplicated cleaning of drying between colors, cleaning of the central drum, among others features.

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