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Comexi F2 Origin

If you want to make all kinds of flexible packaging, offer the highest quality to your customers and achieve maximum productivity for yourself, the answer is F2 Origin. A state-of-the-art, easy-to-use flexo printer. With many different options and configurations, it is the benchmark flexo printer for flexible packaging.

Our benefits for printers are not an option, rather a necessity.

Highly configurable

Windings, video inspection, Genius Tech… choose your configuration to fully adapt it to your needs.

Rewind and Unwind: option DB single / RB single; DB turret / RB turret and DB single / RB turret.

Genius Tech: multitude of Genius enhancements to be added.

Video: ready to be configured with a simple camera or a 100% inspection camera.

High Performance and Efficiency

The best drying capacity for long runs without compromising energy efficiency.

Genius Dry: High-performance drying screens between colors and in the tunnel for more drying capacity with less total airflow. Top platform with access to tunnel and drying circuits for easy maintenance.

GeniusFlow: Efficiency and accessibility.
Optimized circuit to reduce ink and solvent usage, single pump per inkwell to reduce maintenance and compressed air consumption, pipeless doctor blades for quick changeover, and GeniusDoctoring for minimal dot gain.

Fast changeovers

Great accessibility and ergonomics for maximum efficiency in medium and short runs.

GeniusPrint: Precision and automation.
Minimal waste and maximum accuracy at the touch of a button. Easier for the operator to have the fastest job changeover with as little waste as possible.

All you need to know.

Fully access to video & tunnel

Adapt drying to each job with Genius Dry

Genius Flow: Automatic inking system and cleaning of the system.

Genius Flow: Automatic inking system and cleaning of the system.

Multiple winding configurations

Multiple winding configurations

Print width34.2 / 42.1 / 50 in
Minimum repeat11.8 / 12.9 / 13.7 in
Maximum repeat31.5 in
Maximum speed1300 ft/min
Dimensions51.8 x 18 x 17.8 ft
Print width870 / 1070 / 1270 mm
Minimum repeat300 / 330 / 350 mm
Maximum repeat800 mm
Maximum speed400 m/min
Dimensions15.7 x 5.51 x 5.45 m


The perfect team for the perfect process.


Comexi S1 DS

Recommended for working with large diameter reels. The slitter is designed to handle materials of any complexity and application. The automated processes and the acceleration ramps of the Comexi S1 DS achieve high productivity and introduce a user-friendly way of working.


Comexi SL2 MB

Ideal machine for any customer entering the world of flexible packaging lamination. Where simplicity meets complexity in materials and applications. Simple yet capable of carrying out complex laminations.
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