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Pushing the limits of productivity

Comexi ML1

The Comexi ML1 laminator is the key choice for high added value applications and long runs. It can be fully adapted to your requirements, with its multiple options, productivity and modularity to meet all laminating and coating requirements.

Our benefits are not an option, rather a necessity.

High productivity and versatility

Many coatings solutions: solvent based, water based, solvent-less, cold seal, heat seal.

The finest film tension control even for recycled films.

Reel and web handling for any material.

Paper solutions.

Triplex and custom configurations.

Automation & Connectivity

To reduce production inefficiencies.

High performance register control

Automatic trolley coupling: that reduces changeover time.

Closed loop system in SL for weight control and adhesive regulation.

Peripheric’s integration: All external equipment is centralized to register full recipes and to avoid common errors.

Cloud: production analytics: Plant monitoring, Production control, Performance indicators & Technical service.

High dry efficiency

Boost your efficiency with automatic recirculation and 3 tunnels sections.

High efficiency drying tunnels. More accessible thanks to shell-type opening and access platform.

High efficiency recirculation system

Low energy consumption motors.

Solvents consumption reduction: below 10mg/m at highest speeds.

Modular drying units

Adapt the drying tunnel to your production needs.

As a modular design, you can add a module for the tunnel if you need more drying capacity without have to modify the laminator.

All you need to know.

Sleeve technology,

2 minuts changeover time

High efficiency modular drying tunnel

Specific coating trolley for every application

Intuitive recipe creation & storage

Triplex configurations

Type of adhesiveSolvent Based / Solventless / Water Based
Speed1476.4 ft/min
Maximum web width36.6 / 52.4 / 60.2 in
Maximum reel diameter39.4 in
Core diameter winder3 / 6 in
Maximum reel weight2755 lb
Accessories / OptionsCoating weight Sensor. High Tensions
Type of adhesiveSolvent Based / Solventless / Water Based
Speed450 m/min
Maximum web width930 / 1330 / 1530 mm
Maximum reel diameter1000 mm
Core diameter winder76 / 152 mm
Maximum reel weight1250 kg
Accessories / OptionsCoating weight Sensor. High Tensions




An unbeatable printer from the point of view of profitability, designed to achieve the best quality with great developments.
A flexo press that stands out for its high degree of versatility while maintaining the ergonomics and usability characteristic of the F2 range.



If you are wondering how to meet your big production demands and improve productivity and profitability, the Comexi S1DT slitter is your answer. Fully automatic solution for all your complex materials and applications. Ideal for integrating laser solutions and automated end-of-line solutions.

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