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The slitter for Jumbo Reels

Comexi S1 MS

The slitter capable of handling jumbo reels up to 1300 mm. This high-end single-shaft slitter is specially designed to offer excellent results in jobs that require rigid, semi-rigid or non-deformable materials. Big weights are not a problem, thanks to its automatic unloading table.

Our benefits are not an option, rather a necessity.

Jumbo reel up to 1300 mm

Allows the extraction of coils up to 1300 mm in diameter. Its high level unloading automation makes this cutter highly profitable.

Motorized reel pick up from the ground (no  chains involved to avoid mechanical problems).

Completely electric unwinding motor to hold  and drive the material.

Easy and harmless to manipulate due to  an ergonomic design.

Ball ring friction shafts are not designed to carry out these big loads. To do so, S1MS uses a pneumatic spirally expanding shaft.


Rigid or semi rigid materials

Work comfortably with large reels of paper, cardboard, self-adhesive, aluminum, BOPP and other materials that have a certain rigidity.

ALWS: Horizontal and motorized lay on roller system ALWS to have maximum rewinding quality.

Minimum slitting width 50 mm for rigid materials and 300 mm for elastic ones. 

Isolation (NIP) to have different tensions for each  operation (unwinding and rewinding)
control of the tension
Unwind: Close loop by a roller dancer 
Rewind: Direct Drive. 

Besides carton and paper there is a big range of applications that fit with the specifications of this machine
There is a big portfolio of laminated structures that result in a non-stretchable structure that can fit with this machine. 

Your own configuration

It adapts to your needs, making it possible to customize the slitting with multiple optionals.

Possibility to work with GAP winding
(auto adhesive materials, cold seal, etc).

Comexi’s slitting system allows working interchangeably with  Razor or shear cut systems without dismantling shafts.
Different knife options to suit your requirements.

All you need to know.

Rewinding mono shaft

Jumbo reels up to 1300 mm

Automatic reel extraction system with a lift table.

Speed 1968.5 ft
Material width55.1 to 82.6 in
Parent roll diameter & weightmm 51.1 (2T) / 59.0 (3T) in
Web path Underneath
Slitting widthRigid or semirigid - 1.96 in & elastic material - 11.8 in
Rewinding system Monoshaft
Finished roll diameter 51.1 in
Acceleration ramps30 sec
Type of rewinder system Lay-on roller
Mono Advanced Linear Track System
Speed 600 m/min
Material width1400 to 2100 mm
Parent roll diameter & weight1300 (2T) / 1500 (3T) mm 51.1 (2T)
Web path Underneath
Slitting widthRigid or semirigid - 50 mm & elastic material - 300 mm
Rewinding system Monoshaft rewinding system
Finished roll diameter 1300 mm
Acceleration ramps30 sec
Type of rewinder systemLay-on roller
Mono Advanced Linear Track System


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