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Double the productivity the simple way

Comexi S2 DT

The S2 DT is a compact slitter with double turret system that doubles the productivity of double shaft slitters. Together with its great ergonomics, it turns out to be the perfect combination of productivity, quality and versatility.

Our benefits are not an option, rather a necessity.

Productivity in a compact slitter

The slitter manages to double productivity thanks to the uninterrupted operational capacity provided by the double turret system.

Achieve shorter cycle times with high slitting speeds and accelerations ramps up/down: changeover of 35 seconds!

Compact size: takes up very little space.

Automatic processes to reduce changeover times: core and knives automatic positioning.


Thanks to its ergonomic design, it adjusts and controls the cut once the material has passed. Very fast change from blade to circular cutting.

User friendly and ergonomic slitting methods.

Very ergonomic pivoting slice table for the operator. 

Improved usability and ergonomics of web widht control for the razor cut.

Maximize your efficiency with enhanced ergonomic rewinder: automatic reel push and handling rotation.

Your own configuration

It adapts to your needs, making it possible to customize the slitting with multiple optionals.

We adapt to your needs, offering the option of customizing the machine with several automation options for automated reel unloading, splicing tables, print mark counters and the laser perforation system, which multiplies the range of possibilities.

All you need to know.

User friendly and extremly intuitive HMI

Automatic core position

Double turret double productivity


Speed 1640.4 ft/min
Material width3 to 5.6 ft
Parent roll diameter & weight3.3 ft
Web path Integrate/ Compact
Slitting width0.13 ft
Rewinding system Turret
Finished roll diameter 2 ft
Acceleration ramps60 sec
Turret rotation35 sec
Type of rewinder system ALTS lay-on
Finished roll weight x shaft220 kg
Speed 500 m/min
Material width900 to 1700 mm
Parent roll diameter & weight1000 mm (1T)
Web path Integrate/ Compact
Slitting width40 mm
Rewinding system Turret
Finished roll diameter 610 mm
Acceleration ramps60 sec
Turret rotation35 sec
Type of rewinder systemALTS lay-on
Finished roll weight x shaft220 kg


The perfect team for the perfect process.



Created for those looking for a fully integrated solution in lamination, and a wide range of options in both laminates and coatings. Totally adapted to your needs, make your own ML2 Evolution.



Print with the highest quality and at 600 m/min at the touch of a button. If you are looking for 10 colors and better choice for extended color gamut, and optimize energy costs, the F2 Evolution is the flexo printer for you. A new generation of flexo printers that offer greater efficiency and print quality and greater ease of use.

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